Nava s.r.l  was born in Puglia – Italy in 2001 from the passion for the fruits of its territory with the aim of bringing Italian products to international markets.
Its main product is table grapes produced on site in the district of Rutigliano (BA). This is accompanied by a wide variety of fresh products produced throughout the peninsula: kiwis, peaches, nectarines, citrus fruits and vegetables.

The commercial history of Nava begins in the global market where it plays an important role in the fruit and vegetable import export sector. Over the years, due to its exploratory and global character, Nava has expanded its range of action to the whole world. Since 2001 Nava has been the protagonist of expansions and significant investments that today identify it not only as a Trading Company but also as a global consulting company for companies in the sector. Europe, Africa, America, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE are, in fact, the markets in which it operates today and enjoys an excellent reputation.

The careful selection of production sources and the constant interest in global markets has made it possible to create strong synergies between producers, logistics operators and distributors, and has made Nava a point of reference for local and international companies.

Nava operates on all major world markets. The progressive growth in sales volumes and the now acquired experience and knowledge of the sector pushes the company towards a strategy that is always attentive to the search for new markets. Initially present only on Eastern European markets, it has today affirmed its presence on all the largest and most important world markets. Nava exports to: USA, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Brazil and Argentina.
Over the years, the company has been very attentive to the development not only of the commercial market but also of the logistical aspects related to it. Nava is not only a trading firm in the fruit and vegetable sector but also a global consulting firm. Strategic choices, marketing and price choices are the central aspects of his consulting activity through which it supports clients by identifying quick and customized solutions. Nava enjoys excellent and lasting relationships with important logistics operators. In fact, it provides very efficient logistics services by developing strategies aimed at optimizing the procedures starting from the purchase and ending with the sale, through loading and delivery, acting as a single interlocutor for the customer.
Quality, efficiency, innovation and attention to market changes have always been the strengths and factors on which Nava leverages to establish itself in the sector and achieve its primary objective: customer satisfaction. Our policy is to guarantee precision in terms of supply volume, quality and delivery while respecting the customer’s needs. The perfect synergy, achieved through the years, between production sources and logistics operators, together its innovative nature and high experience places Nava in a position of continuous development for the future. The Company, in fact, has the constant objective of seeking new commercial horizons and diversifying its offer while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.
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