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Nava main business rule consists in representing the most important italian manufacturers in the foreign distributing areas in satisfying the demand of its customers by offering high quality products at very competitive price.

Antresini sas works like a consultant in agricultural field offering a big competence in the market. Antresini sas is also specialized forwarder international logistics by using its skilled staff.

Tr & Di deals with distribution in the market and auxiliary services for "NAVA" for the supermarkets in order to create the relationship of trust for customers and continuity of quality.

At Nava, we are committed to guaranteeing an impeccable fruit marketing process, personally accompanying the goods along the entire route, from the field to the final destination.

In addition to providing an accurate quality control service, we focus on providing professional and appropriate logistics services to our network of business partners, ensuring that we carefully manage all necessary documentation.

Compliance with country-specific protocols is a top priority. Before shipment, we work closely with manufacturers and relevant authorities to ensure that all required procedures are completed correctly, satisfying the document requirements requested by both our customers and the destination authorities.

Our goal is to provide all our partners with a global service, which we believe is essential to add value to our work and repay the trust our customers place in us every day.

In the context of NAVA, we have an office dedicated exclusively to the management of transport and documentation.

We rely on highly professional personnel, with specific training in the sector and constantly updated on issues relating to the transport of fresh products and the related documentation. We are also experts in the protocols for the import/export of fruit products between different countries of origin and destination, as well as in the necessary certifications.

At NAVA, we are committed to selecting the best sea or air transportation service for each shipment, taking into account the origin and destination of the goods. We carefully evaluate the reliability, transit times, costs and all the additional services offered by the shipping or airline companies, in order to guarantee an excellent service for our customers.

Furthermore, to guarantee the integrity of the products during transport, we apply temperature recorders to each load. These recorders allow us to constantly monitor the cold chain throughout the journey. Whenever possible and permitted, we also use remote controlled GSM loggers, which allow us to monitor temperature data during transport in real time.

This approach allows us to prevent any problems caused by anomalous temperature fluctuations and to intervene promptly with the necessary checks upon arrival, thus guaranteeing the maximum quality and freshness of the products. Our priority is to provide a reliable and secure service to meet the needs of our customers.

Airway  Airway  TRANSPORT

Maximum freshness of fruits, logistics management, handling of documentation and customs procedures for all destinations and international airports.

Airfreight fruit shipments have become an increasingly important part of our international trade and export operations.

Thanks to strong links with trusted partners, experts in air transport, and close collaborations with the best transport companies, NAVA is able to offer a wide range of products from different regions. We guarantee an optimal service both in terms of delivery times, fruit storage and handling of transport documents, as well as for the management of customs procedures.

Our main destination markets for air shipments include: USA, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Brazil and Argentina. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Brazil and Argentina.


We carefully follow each phase of the loading and shipping process, taking all the necessary precautions to preserve the cold chain and ensure maximum freshness of the goods upon arrival. In the case of products particularly sensitive to temperature variations, we use thermal blankets and ice. We always try to favor direct flights to facilitate the transport of these delicate products.

NAVA is highly capable of organizing customized loading and delivery programs, adapted to the needs of our customers. Together with our partners, we guarantee total care of all transport and monitoring processes in and out of the main international airports.


Thanks to our efficient network of collaborators, Nava offers refrigerated transport services worldwide, covering both important national and international ports.

We provide reliable and timely solutions for the transport of fresh products, preserving the cold chain throughout the journey.

Our twenty years of experience has allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of the specific needs of the various target markets.

Our commitment to fruit care is complete: we carefully follow the entire process, from harvesting to delivery to the port of arrival.

To preserve the quality and freshness of the goods during long transits, we treat the fruit during and after harvesting and adopt appropriate logistics solutions to ensure fast and competitive delivery to our customers.

To keep the quality of the products intact, we only use refrigerated transport. Thanks to our established network of collaborators, we closely monitor shipments as they travel to their final destination. To keep our customers informed, we offer a constant update on the status of the shipment through our website.

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We are aware of the crucial importance of this transport phase. All our efforts in the selection, care, calibration and packaging of the products require an efficient and perfect transport to ensure that the freshness, taste and aroma of the fruit are always at the highest level to meet the expectations of our customers.

To ensure we maintain the highest quality in transportation, we only partner with the leading and most reliable shipping lines that specialize in the transportation of perishable and fresh goods. Our refrigerated containers, both 40″ and 20″, are carefully set to adjust the temperature, humidity and ventilation according to the type of product loaded. For some destinations, we follow specific Cold Treatment protocols, compliant with the phytosanitary requirements of the destination countries and export protocols.

Our activities include several stages:

  1. Treatment of fruits, harvesting and quality control in the field.
  2. Delicate activities in the warehouse, such as treatment, selection, calibration, packaging, palletisation, storage and cold storage, with constant quality control.
  3. Before loading, checks by the authorities in charge of the phytosanitary service and agricultural policies.
  4. Container loading operations, with accurate controls of the container itself and of the temperature, humidity and ventilation settings. We also monitor the quality, palletization and correct arrangement of the goods inside the container, as well as placing temperature recorders to monitor the cold chain throughout the journey. If necessary, we intervene with the setting of the cold treatment protocol based on the destination of the load.

Our dedication and attention to every detail allow us to guarantee a highly reliable refrigerated transport service to meet the needs of our customers and preserve the freshness of our products.

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