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We maintain high quality standards in every step of the production process, from cultivation to harvesting, processing, selection and packaging.

Nava was born to bring the goodness of italian fruitand vegetables and tast of our sun all over the world, it reflects the genuine hard patient work of our farmers in the lands, who know and respect the natural alternation of season and crops.
Nava means deep experience. For many years on the market, it follow all the product stages with passion and extreme attention in order to deliver to the customer a highest quality product.

From sowing ti cultivation, from harvesting to selection, from packaging to fast shipment , Nava doesn’t neglect anything to guarantee the highest freshness upon delivery.
Before being packed, all Nava fruits and vegetable are duly checked and certified.

Our Strengths Strengths

Table Grapes from Apulia

Nava core product is the table grapes, cultivated in Apulia, a very suitable place for the growth if this product, thanks to its climatic and organoleptic characteristics. Nava offers you about thirty different grapes varieties, many of which are of its own production, others are in partnership with loyal producer who meet its quality and sustainability requirements.

Cutting edge logistics

Over the years the company has specialized in solving all kinds of issues regarding fruit and vegetables transport, looking for innovative methodologies and building an excellent logistics network. In this way Nava has reached a very high quality standard, managing to deliver always fresh product, as tasty as just picked.

Other products

In addition to grapes, Nava produces and markets a wide range of products all over the world, including kiwis (Italian and Greek origin), apples, stonefruits, sweet cherries citrus fruits, pears, tomatoes, mushrooms and many others.

Customer service

Another strong point of our company is the customer service. Nava is committed to meeting and kind of request, customizing the solutions and paying the utmost attention to the supply logistics. Working seriously and in partnership with the biggest distributors of fruit and vegetables in the world, Nava has become an efficient and reliable trading and global consulting company.

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